At NNC we have round the clock in-house Consultants' support which we can proudly announce as one of the unique facilities provided by our Centre.

NNC being inside Peeless Hospital campus enjoy certain facilities like the expertise of medical disciplines other than neurology. Patients often require the services of cardiology, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, ENT, eye, chest, renal or physiotherapy etc. Peerless Hospital being a specialized tertiary care centre, all these facilities are available to the patients under one roof.

NNC is a private hospital in Eastern India which is accredited for DNB (Diplomate of National Board)IN NEUROSURGERY & NEUROLOGY. Regular CME are held by the professors.

We look forward to your support in raising the knowledge about neurology among health practitioners and public at large in Eastern India. Please feel free to contact us whenever you require any information & service from NNC.

Seats available for candidates who have passed the DNB-CET (2012), for Super-Speciality training in Neuromedicine and Neurosurgery [1 post each], for the session 2012. As per the directive of National Board of Examinations, the applicants are requested to contact the DNB Board for centralized counseling for admission to the above mentioned Super-speciality courses.

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