Dedicated Doctors

Good Neuro Care cannot be given if there is no Team Effort. An efficient Neuroscience Service means the presence of a highly motivated TEAM, which works in a perfectly co-ordinated manner, as a single person unit is often found inadequate.

TEAM NNC, is a dedicated, motivated and committed group of professionals who believe in the Mission of NNC Ė Skill at work while showing Compassion to the patients. This dedicated Team comprises full time Neurosurgeons, full time and part time Neurologists, exclusive full time NeuroAnesthesiologists and Intensivists, Dementia Care Specialists, Neuronurses, and Administrative Staff . The team is led from the front by none other than the world renowned Aneurysm Surgeon, Dr Robin Sengupta, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Newcastle-upon- Tyne.

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